The boyhood home of Harper and Dylan Reed

By @harper and @dylanreed

In the summer of 2016, my brother, Dylan Reed, and I were trying to figure out what the “next” prank would be after we wrapped our parents car with a zebra pattern. We wanted to make sure that it was a really great prank and something that was more permanent.

At the time I was traveling to London a lot and always liked seeing the blue historical markers on every other building around London. We thought maybe that would be a funny thing to add to our parents house: A historical monument

The issue was: What would the monument say?

Well, we figured the best thing to celebrate was our amazing life and our “boyhood home”.

Here is the monument:

Before we put it in the ground

Up close on the panel

A video of it being placed:

It is really awesome and helps identify what an important place our parents house is.

The full text reads: Boyhood home of Harper and Dylan Reed. The first Astronauts to explore Uranus.

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